Thursday, 9 January 2014

Beating the COLD (with Style?)

Minus 30°C, Minus 22°F.

That's what I had to deal with for about 10 days. Now it is get slightly better, well the temperature is still around -13°C but it really feels "warmer" out there.

So I've had to figure out how to be cold proof and kinda pretty. Pretty is a big word here, because with all the stuff I have to wear I look like huge tire... Here is my Canadian style combo :) Let's be original and do that from toes to head !!!

Wellies, because they are nice, water resistant (the snow melts and ices, it is not all white & smooth all the time!) I pair them with a variety of socks, some cotton pair under a thick wool one.

Leggings, I put some Columbia Omni Heat stuff under a nice legging, and I'm fine !!! Here, I feel like I must be precise: I were it black, the shiny part is on my skin and it is what keeps me warm, I might be a Disco fan but not that such extent :) I bought it in Canada, and I am really happy with that product.

Shirt, I also purchased the Omni Heat top, I wear it underneath a nice shirt and I'm ready to go ! It looks a bit strange sometimes but, to me, it is still warmer and prettier than anything else!

The Coat, I got it from my parents for Christmas and it is a lovely gift. It's Canada Goose and keeps really really warm: by -30°C with only the Omni Heat and a shirt underneath I wasn't cold at all. Plus it is very good looking :) 

The fancy/kinky touch, the gloves, 100% Canadian style !!! And my beloved Pompon beanie <3

It is not too bad, isn't it ?

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