Sunday, 26 January 2014

Food & Parties !!!

The other day, while Claire & I were wandering around campus we got asked one question : "What's your favorite thing about Queen's ?" Of course we had to answer !!!

L'autre jour, Claire & moi faisions un petit tour du campus quand on nous a posé une question : "Quelle est ta chose préférée à Queen's ?" Nous nous devions d'y répondre !!!

Our hair are frozen, yes, frozen 
She said Love & I said Parties, y'a know student girls, they're not only focused on studies but also on student life :)

Claire a répondu l'Amour, et moi la Fête ! Parce que soyons honnête, on est sérieuses mais on aime aussi s'amuser :)

Those fries are daughters of the Devil ...

Of course, we had forgotten something, something I really love, and every time I do it, it's kind of a party in my head ..... Foooooooood !!!! As you have probably noticed, I became fond of Canadian food - I love Burgers, Nachos, well I can admit almost everything, I can't do nothing about it... I must confess, I am a food lover !

Evidemment, on a oublié l'essentiel, le truc que j'aime trop et qui à chaque fois lance une fête dans ma tête ....  Manger !!!!  J'adore la nourriture Canadienne, les Burgers, les Nachos, à peu près tout en fait ! Je ne peux rien y faire, j'aime la nourriture !

I also happen to be a party-enthusiast and in Kingston I can say that despite its relatively small size  - 120 000 inhabitants - the city also is one !

Tumbleweed is the country party, it is held every Tuesdays at Ale House, and I looooooove it !!! It's not line dancing, it's not even too country style in fact : it's just a lot of fun :)

La Tumbleweed, c'est une soirée "Country" qui se passe tous les mardis, et j'adoooooore ! C'est pas vraiment de la danse country, c'est juste une super ambiance :)

Country's a serious business - Santiag boots shaped pints !!!

Even the beer mugs are country style !!!

Mêmes les chopes sont en forme de Santiags !!! 

Can you tell we had fun ? 


  1. I'm loving the beer mugs!! Tumbleweed sounds like a great little party.


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